More Renders

Here is the final pose/scene of the Homeless character. I will shortly be rendering a video showing a breakdown. Though some of my custom assets within the shader are broken so i have to rebuild it. Oh well, thats how things go.

PBR SKin Shader

And these are some tests i did for Dany Bittel for his new PBR Skin shader. I think i will render the entire character with the shader. Check it out here.

More Renders

Weekly Update 10

So it’ been awhile. Almost a month.

My last post had a treat enclosed, this one however has a more of a sour note for those who follow this blog. Although that isn’t many, everyone counts. I have decided to cut down on the amount of posts I make as you can already tell. It was a good experiment to do weekly updates (3 months was a good run) but I either became a slave to them and I was going to be reaching that point of quantity over quality. So from here on in, no more weekly updates. Just updates when it feels right with the right amount of content. At the very least Iwill try to keep it at one post a month but even I feel that might be a bit low so we will see how it goes from here on in, no more set deadlines for sure.

Final (Low Rez) Renders


The difference with this beard from the old one is it is control via custom sculpted guide curves (around 500). Not only is it easier to sculpt but also when it dealing with to penetrations. The curves were sculpted in Blender.

Render times kept to a minimum with the shadow volume technique that i described in my tutorial. The body hair, is pure PBR with no volume based shadows.


These pics are low rez but i am currently rendering HD turntables and camera moves, posing. Also i have been uploading all work-in-progress pictures of this character to my Google account so if you would like to view those images in the future you can do so from one place soon. It includes all images featured in the blog along with some others that have not been published.


Tutorials Response with Q/A

After the tutorial i posted i was very surprised at the response. I hope everyone who watched it gained something from it. I have decided to respond to the questions in this post, continue if you would like to see the questions and answers.

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Weekly Update 10

Weekly Update 02

Still here? Here is a rundown of the week’s tinkering.


So bar any tweaks, texturing is pretty much done but I think I will be messing with the shader forever to be honest. I’m still not happy with the material.

The character of Virgil was intended to be part of a tribute to Dante’s Inferno but my intentions shifted a while ago to make him more of a homeless person. So putting him in a setting of the harsh cold streets, I think it would be remiss not to give him a beard of some sort. Perfect opportunity to utilize Houdini’s Fur module, wasn’t sure if i wanted a big log beard or a more conservative style. What do you think. All of the beard and body hair was groomed in Houdini.

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Weekly Update 02