New Wip & Tumblr


First off, if you want frequent-ish updates with no thought’s just images I have a tumblr account. Again it’s all images and no words if you are into that thing (I kinda like it).

So I have finally gotten around to working on that Dwarf character. I remember blocking it out in 2010. I have a habit of bringing old models back. Maybe I can’t stand folders of unfinished projects.

Here is what i have done so far. Mainly finish the design sculpt, retopology and UV’s. (Yes i will be doing a detailed breakdown later). I’m loving the new Hair shader that SideFX have not mentioned in their press release.

Next up is fine pore detailing, textures, clothes, eye’s, teeth and then onto rigging. I’m looking to take advantage of Houdini 14’s lovely speedy viewport.

I’m currently working on a custom blendshape deformer and a procedural eye asset.

Also I will be reorganizing a few things (mainly old posts/categorizing etc), I have changed much of the aesthetic of the blog and hope it is fast to load on all devices and easy to read.

Take care

New Wip & Tumblr

Athena WIP


10000+ hits, not bad eh? Not really if your consider that the site has been around for about 15 months which means on average around 20+ hits a day…so. But then again i have created something out of nothing. (Still people get 10,000+ hits a day). I feel like im on a seesaw praising myself then breaking it down :).


The last time i posted stuff on anatomy was back in January 2008, which is ridiculous since the site was originally setup to be mainly about modeling.

So here is a project that i started ages ago and never really came back to it. So a week ago i carried on from where i left off.

Not much explanation required. Just alot of observation and study of anatomy. Hands need alot of work along with the feet and face. In fact EVERYTHING needs work…so. Until the next post here is where i am.


S9: Hey there mate. Totally agree with you. Sculpting allows one to focus more on the shape and form before then converting it into a technically sound model.

Mike: cheers mate.

Patrick: Hey there patrick. Yeah im not doing to bad in Houdini. Its a great package and one with almost infinite depth. Its gonna be useful in the future since i am finishing the first draft of a short film i want to make soon. So check back to see some progress on that. I will post this WIP on NaP too see what you guys think.

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Athena WIP