Weekly Update 07

Hi ho readers. It’s that time again.

FACS Blendshapes

In a previous post I talked about experimenting with blendshapes. This was a test i did last night in Zbrush that i thought i would share. It was surprising easy once i read how to use the timeline features that were introduced in version 4R3? From the list of combinations i had about 30 or so FACS based poses to chose from, though i did leave some out.

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Weekly Update 07

Weekly Update 06

So keen viewers might have noticed that i skipped a week. So here is something to make up for the missed post.

A generic female

So this is a character i did last year that i probably wont return to. I haven’t found a good use for her but who knows what will come of it. For now it will remain on my hard drive. Hopefully you will enjoy the timelapse of me blocking the model out.

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Weekly Update 06

Weekly Update 05

So this post is obviously long overdue (a week pretty much). Reason being is i want to finish the work not just deliver images. It could happen again so i have decided to write some stock posts should things overrun. Anyway its Month 2 of my weekly posts. Lets keep on going

More Fur

The robe which is obviously the star is the highest amount of fur i have ever used. Much like the beard i generated a shadow volume so the actual fur isn’t being raytraced for shadows as that would take forever. Everything else is done with point attributes. I’m debating whether i should play around with the staining of it. And im not so happy about the eyes :(. I kind of want to move on.

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Weekly Update 05

Weekly Update 04

Hiyo time for another update. Which btw i am switching to Monday nights. (It’s easier)



So i have a scene planned for Virgil but i want to present him as a full asset/character with clothing. The scene i have in my mind is one with just pants/trousers. But as someone who is a fashion aficionado i can’t help but add more to him. So as you can probably see i have kitted him out in a number of mismatched clothes. I must admit i didnt have to look far for inspiration, it was a cold winter here in London from time to time :D.

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Weekly Update 04

Weekly Update 03

Hello readers,┬áit’s that time again.




Eyes are a toughie, don’t think anyone is about to say otherwise. However you can’t make a character without them. Making eye’s combine both artistic and technical knowledge and when you are using tools that aren’t necessarily standard for this type of work it makes it all the more difficult but also rewarding when you discover/learn new things. So what is it that is so difficult? Well, for many people eyes are the first thing that people focus on when looking at a character. This puts a lot of expectation and it’s up to the artist to convey age/intelligence/personality. Right now working on closeups.

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Weekly Update 03

Weekly Update 02

Still here? Here is a rundown of the week’s tinkering.


So bar any tweaks, texturing is pretty much done but I think I will be messing with the shader forever to be honest. I’m still not happy with the material.

The character of Virgil was intended to be part of a tribute to Dante’s Inferno but my intentions shifted a while ago to make him more of a homeless person. So putting him in a setting of the harsh cold streets, I think it would be remiss not to give him a beard of some sort. Perfect opportunity to utilize Houdini’s Fur module, wasn’t sure if i wanted a big log beard or a more conservative style. What do you think. All of the beard and body hair was groomed in Houdini.

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Weekly Update 02

Weekly Update 01

So here is the first of what i hope to be many Weekly Updates. I’ve decided Sunday is probably the best day to do them, leaving the rest of the week for potential updates. So here is what I have been working on in the past week.

Texture Painting

On a quest to finish various uncompleted works, here is something you might have see earlier on the site albeit in a more primitive form. There too much stuff to show how far it has come so I might do a “Making of” in a later blog post once it is finished. The above is stuff have been working on for the past month.

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Weekly Update 01