More Renders

Here is the final pose/scene of the Homeless character. I will shortly be rendering a video showing a breakdown. Though some of my custom assets within the shader are broken so i have to rebuild it. Oh well, thats how things go.

PBR SKin Shader

And these are some tests i did for Dany Bittel for his new PBR Skin shader. I think i will render the entire character with the shader. Check it out here.

More Renders

2 thoughts on “More Renders

  1. archit K says:


    I was watching your video on the fur system and i was wondering how you had set up the furdirection display option.


    1. Hi Archit,

      Hope you enjoyed the video. To setup a custom marker display, have the cursor over the 3d viewport (it isnt always necessary to do this but it will always work this way) and press d to bring up the Display Options window.

      Then setup a “custom” display. Here –>

      Then create a vector class attribute but make sure the attribute is “furdirection” if you want it to work with the shelf tool. <— this is one with a point attribute

      This connects the custom display you are about to create with the geometry attribute.

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