Weekly Update 09

So it’s a little late i admit, but i have a treat for you.

So the past week has been interesting to say the least. Many XSI/SI users are looking for a new home. It seems Houdini looks like a viable choice for many and not only are the odforce and SESI forums more active (although they already were to be honest), there has been a vocal response from a few SESI employees stating they want to help not just by setting up a forum but also in the package. Encouraging discussion on how to improve Houdini.

Not only that, but Houdini users are also welcoming this new crowd and doing their best to help them  with the transition. I have even decided to join in that effort.

A user on od|force was asking how would one go about connecting guide curves into the Fur module in Houdini. I responded with this video.

Continue to see a the breakdown of chapters.


00:00 – Intro

04:03 – Identify

05:11: – Attribute-based fur : Walk-through Beard

36:10 – Custom Guide Creation

52:57 – Importing to Houdini

01:04:55 – Rendering optimizations

01:13:55 – Examples / Outro

Weekly Update 09

10 thoughts on “Weekly Update 09

  1. Modo says:

    Hi! Thanks for your masterclass in Houdini, Houdini fur. I would want to ask you if its possible to apply this tecnique in Houdini with splines from geometry like the plugin GMH2 Plugin in Maya or C4D…

  2. Hey, Great work thanks for sharing. But in your fur volume render. How did put your volume based shadow onto the fur geometry?
    Would you mind explain it a bit more? Many thanks

  3. alfo says:

    my question would be, how would you proceed to edit “single” parts of the fur that might create problems ?
    for example,
    assuming that the guide curves are fine, but you have a group of fur clumps in the final render that gives you trouble on some animation shots?(example spiky in the wrong direction)
    Also assuming that i want to fix the Fur and not the deformation..

    Would you act on the clumped spline by adding an edit node and moving the vertices ?
    or would you act on the final fur out ?
    Im having trouble to understand which is the best way to actually “edit” the fur at these different stages, so if i run into an issue, i can understand where is best to act” ( which node in the fur setup )

  4. alfo says:

    I forgot to say, 100000 Thank you for this awesome tutorial. It is what most people starting in houdini, where waiting for!

  5. Zoltan says:

    I am fairly new to Houdini and liked your tutorial describing hair guide import for longer hair creation. When I have tried it, most of things worked really well for me as well, including clumping. Without the use of shelf tool “Add Dynamics” the hair follows the animation but no hair bending dynamics, of course. When I selected the _fur object with external guide and use “Add Dynamics” the guide got disconnected from the head and dynamics did not work for me as expected. Could this be a problem with Houdini (version 13.0 build 401), or I would need to do some additional steps to apply dynamics when entering external guides in Hairs tab / Guide tab / Geometry. I was experimenting with creating a wire object of the external guides but I did not get the result as I hoped for and suddenly became extremely slow.

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