Weekly Update 08

It’s Monday, rise and shine!

Something’s different…

So as you have probably noticed, things are a little different. There is nothing more i like than clean simple design but the white background of the site would burn into the back of my retinas when i would review a post or make a change. Hopefully you will welcome the change.

Speaking of change, i decided to go through the links section of the blog (on the right hand side). I have removed, edited all links now so check them out, there is a lot of good stuff there.

Wrapping up

What spurred this week of renovation was i am putting the finial touches on my portfolio site. So there aren’t a ton of updates i can share this week. I have also been wrapping up the Virgil project. I at least want to see him posed before i leave him be. I’m posing him for his final showing.

After blowing off the dust on that abandoned model last week i have been refine the forms and readjusting the proportions/anatomy.

As for more videos on sculpting, i am working on it. I did a system format a while back and haven’t installed Camtasia, so i will try to get that back up.

Until then, have a good week and enjoy the new look.

Weekly Update 08

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