Weekly Update 07

Hi ho readers. It’s that time again.

FACS Blendshapes

In a previous post I talked about experimenting with blendshapes. This was a test i did last night in Zbrush that i thought i would share. It was surprising easy once i read how to use the timeline features that were introduced in version 4R3? From the list of combinations i had about 30 or so FACS based poses to chose from, though i did leave some out.

I do think i have a bit of a dilemma with regards to this technique. I am venturing more and more into the rigging world, more specifically in facial animation. And one thing I have found is that blendshapes offer ultimate control but come at the price of time. So many collisions to think about and account for. (Collisions for those who are wondering is when the vector positions are added on another shape and therefore cause a double transformation, blendshape are additive they aren’t actually morphs). Needless to say, you will be seeing much more rigging experiments over the year.

A new character emerges (kinda)


Which is why I have started another character, this time i will be more prudent in my design choices as this will serve as a testbed for my facial rigging/animation exploits. This is a character i started in 2010 for about 2 nights and abandoned. So now is the time to comeback to it and stop it from gathering digital dust on my harddrive.


So that is my duty done for the week. If you enjoy my musing please be sure to show it, could be sharing via social media or making a comment. It is always nice to receive feedback from my readers.

Until then…

Weekly Update 07

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