Weekly Update 06

So keen viewers might have noticed that i skipped a week. So here is something to make up for the missed post.

A generic female

So this is a character i did last year that i probably wont return to. I haven’t found a good use for her but who knows what will come of it. For now it will remain on my hard drive. Hopefully you will enjoy the timelapse of me blocking the model out.


Here are some images or her journey through Houdini. This is was long before Virgil so i feel it isn’t as technically sound but, this is all about sharing right. I did some hair tests, the guide strands groomed in Blender and rebuild in Houdini. Blender btw has an awesome system for styling the guide curves.

I do have other videos of this process, so maybe i will try to cut them down and post another one next week.

Weekly Update 06

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