Weekly Update 04

Hiyo time for another update. Which btw i am switching to Monday nights. (It’s easier)



So i have a scene planned for Virgil but i want to present him as a full asset/character with clothing. The scene i have in my mind is one with just pants/trousers. But as someone who is a fashion aficionado i can’t help but add more to him. So as you can probably see i have kitted him out in a number of mismatched clothes. I must admit i didnt have to look far for inspiration, it was a cold winter here in London from time to time :D.

Rundown will be:

  • Furry Bathrobe
  • Female Peached Hoodie
  • Generic Pyjama pants
  • Generic Thermal Socks



Most of the geoemtry was blocked out and modelled in Zbrush using pre-existing meshes and/or Dynamesh with retopology done in Topogun (i should tryout 3D-Coat & ZB tools but im fast in topoG). I know this week was a little bit light, i am putting a portfolio site together at the moment. But hey, better than not posting.

Until then…

Weekly Update 04

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