Weekly Update 03

Hello readers, it’s that time again.




Eyes are a toughie, don’t think anyone is about to say otherwise. However you can’t make a character without them. Making eye’s combine both artistic and technical knowledge and when you are using tools that aren’t necessarily standard for this type of work it makes it all the more difficult but also rewarding when you discover/learn new things. So what is it that is so difficult? Well, for many people eyes are the first thing that people focus on when looking at a character. This puts a lot of expectation and it’s up to the artist to convey age/intelligence/personality. Right now working on closeups.

I set about creating them the same way most people do… with minimal amount of geometry as possible. Not only for because it would be more difficult to manage and the need for more shaders but also because of the shadow, reflection and refraction interaction. Its two pieces consisting of an inner part (sclera & iris) and outer shell (cornea). They were all created procedurally in Houdini, as for the shaders they are derived from the “glass” and “Mantra Surface” material. At the moment it will remain a simple digital asset but i am drawing up further controls to expand on it.

Weekly Update 03

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