Weekly Update 02

Still here? Here is a rundown of the week’s tinkering.


So bar any tweaks, texturing is pretty much done but I think I will be messing with the shader forever to be honest. I’m still not happy with the material.

The character of Virgil was intended to be part of a tribute to Dante’s Inferno but my intentions shifted a while ago to make him more of a homeless person. So putting him in a setting of the harsh cold streets, I think it would be remiss not to give him a beard of some sort. Perfect opportunity to utilize Houdini’s Fur module, wasn’t sure if i wanted a big log beard or a more conservative style. What do you think. All of the beard and body hair was groomed in Houdini.

As for the method, it’s all done with point attributes on the surface. I use most of the default attributes the Fur module provides, but i added root/tipColor attributes as the geoemtry is dense enough to paint such details in the viewport. I was going to groom his hair (scalp) in Blender with guide curves.  It is obviously not finished so I might post a little update on it next week.


The first image took 42 minutes to render @ full HD 1080p (hair + skin). So its obvious that this is unacceptable. It isn’t the shading of the fur that takes so long but the shadow generation. The reason being is it was raytraced (which is notorious for taking long for complex shadows like Fur). One way to mitigate these calculations is to generate them another way. So I set the fur not to cast shadows and generated a volume from it and used that instead to generate the shadows. This technique is good for things that are big and bushy, not so much for wispy thin hair, In that case it usually should be ok to just allow it to cast shadows. I didnt have time to make some images decribing the process i will insert some over the week.


I was going to add another section for my implementation of FACS (Facial Action Coding System), but right now its just a bunch of shapes (if you want to see them then let me know but i would rather have them working together in unison before showing you).

Next week, im thinking my topic might be eyes  and clothing eventually constructing a full scene with our Homeless friend, but that is all subject to change.

See ya then.

BTW Hi reddit.

Weekly Update 02

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