Weekly Update 01

So here is the first of what i hope to be many Weekly Updates. I’ve decided Sunday is probably the best day to do them, leaving the rest of the week for potential updates. So here is what I have been working on in the past week.

Texture Painting

On a quest to finish various uncompleted works, here is something you might have see earlier on the site albeit in a more primitive form. There too much stuff to show how far it has come so I might do a “Making of” in a later blog post once it is finished. The above is stuff have been working on for the past month.

Specular Map

The Spec map is something i have been working on for the past week. Hand painted in 3D-Coat I must say it is a very nifty app. Though not without fault. Virgil (aka the Homeless Man) is comprised of 8 x 4K UV tiles. In an effort to keep things as light weight a possible I did a series of tests to see how 3D-Coat handled with such texture information. If you are doing something like this in 3D-Coat I would recommend having separate files for different texture channels, ie one file for Diffuse, one for Specular as files sizes can get quite big. However you don’t need as high a resolution for other attributes like Gloss, SSS intensity/power IMO.¬†Nevertheless you should always remain mindful of the size of 3D-Coat files.


It is certainly decent but it is no Mari. However you have the added benefit of not requiring to project the details painted.

There are two features that is greatly required. One is Level Adjustments ala Photoshop, Body Paint or Mari, and the other is Layer caching. Obviously on of the great luxuries painting in 3D can offer is to compartmentalize your work allowing for creative freedom, Layer Adjustment enable that, and if switching between layers, turning them on or off or performing other adjustments become slow then, just like 3D-Coats voxel caching system a texture caching system is also needed (again IMO).

So there we go, update 1 of 52. Pretty painless. I’m currently working on a bunch of FACS blendshapes right now and putting together an Eye asset as I’ve always needed one.

Stay tuned for more.

Weekly Update 01

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