So in this post i wanted to draw some attention to  series i am doing dedicated to sketches and experiments on Vimeo/Lunchcrunch. And for those who don’t know Lunchcrunch is an awesome site setup by the great Danny Williams. (who by the way i interviewed for  pretty much 2 hours on my podcast at

This first set is dedicated to assyetrical modelling. Something that i think far few modellers do. Not for production but just as an exercise to hone one’s skills. (Which is what i want to do).

As I said this is only the first set. Not only will there be more of these short-style sessions but also more lengthier, more in-depth video will also be on the way. I kinda have to since i dont want my vimeo plus account to go to waste :).

So I hope you like these videos and will post them on Lunchcrunch, Vimeo, Twitter,  probably Zbrush Central and here of course so if you subscribe to one of those outlets then you wont miss any updates that will be coming out.

And to check out all the video i have released, past/present and future, check out my channel at



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