Production worthy assets or sketches?

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Hey people.

Well, as January draws to a close. This month I tend to plan what I want to do with the rest of the year, compared with what i did last year. And I usually I look back at the work I made over the previous year and usually think…. ugh… it wasn’t enough. But for the majority of 2010 I was a little bit happier with myself in the amount of work ive produced (I still could have pushed harder though), the part I felt I had progressed the most was in the anatomical side and workflow for sure.

Right now I feel like im at a bit of a crossroads though. I like to make assests as versatile as possible. Thinking what I might use of them in the future. There are only a few models I have made in the past where it was modeled in-pose or ot designed for further use.

I want to make use of my Houdini license, I want to make use of topogun license etc. But most of  all,  I want to keep using Zbrush to crank out as much content as possible.

Though sometimes being sucked into a project and working on it relentlessly can be tiresome and sometimes you wish you were working on something less precious. Something that you feel happy just walking away from.

I’ve been working to finish the models/projects I have started. And when the time comes when I have everything done, it will all be sketches for a while.  I feel I’ve reached a certain level where a skech model is actually something not to shabby and could be ready to light and render and thats what i want to do more of. Models are my passion but lighting/texturing is definietly my guilty pleasure and definitely a future conquest.

Animation will play a role in this journey, and im sure I have enough assets to keep my busy but if I want something new to move I will try to sketch approach and then move onto the conversion process to turn what was once a bunch of un-organized polys into a useable production worthy unit.

Enjoy the pics, it was from a model I started in 2006 and have now comeback to actually sculpt for a competition over at I came in 3rd place which is awesome, personally I felt this project highlighted the need for me to get a better grasp of texturing. I think I can map photos well enough but painting and creating textures from scratch is a skill I would love to aquire.

On a side note: I will be working on getting the latest interview up on as soon as I have a few things completed.

And thankfully, I have just received my new graphics card. Woo hoo. 🙂

See you


Production worthy assets or sketches?

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