GTX 275… Dead!

So it’s been a while but as always i return to where I think my voice counts the most, (albeit the chances are no one will even see thisg at this, but it curbs my enthusiam from posting on forums, letting me mindlessly lurk.)

So it’s the new year…. woo hoo (bit late, i know). But aside from that i guess this post is to lets you know/prepare/look out for a bunch of content im gonna be shoving in your faces this year. I will talk about the personal work i did last year in the next post but right now im sitting on too much stuff right now that it would be sad to keep it to myself.

Unfortunately though i dont feel ready to show anyone since my graphics card (the 2nd hardware failure ive had with this new system) has also started releasing smelly fumes before dying on me. So by the end of this week i will be ordering a better one.  And then let the content begin.

Anything else…. ummm not really, I would just say Subscribe (via RSS), follow me on Twitter or add me on Vimeo because the is alot of stuff that will be coming your way.


Update: New card is on the way, i actually missed the pickup yesterday. oh and the Videos page has been updated at the top of the site.

GTX 275… Dead!

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