I wrote this over a month ago….

Hello followers.

I have just spent the last month away from personal work/ cgroundup and other projects. I’ve had internet access so thast nice. But i think it’s confirmed is that im delcaring myself a junkie.

Last month my PSU emminated smelly fumes and thinking it wouldnt take that long i delayed sending it in. Now that i have i just got word i will be getting a replacement within the next few days the relief that washed over me was overwhelming.

Im dying to get some personal work done, or post one of the many videos i have recorded or even just play with Zbrush 4.

Unused Concepts

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“The MMO”

For those of you who don’t know, which i think is lot of you. Recently i have been getting invovled with a Project headed up by Jason Busby, President or General Ruler/Dictator/Overlord/God of 3D BuZZ. He and a few others have been utilizing the Unity Engine to create a fully featured MMO (Massivley Multiplayer Online Game).

As you know these types of games (WoW, Guildwars) have an amazing amount of Art invovled along with technical requirements. So Jason has decided to do a “Tech Demo”.  Which has already gone far beyond anyone (including his own) expectations. But it’s purpose it really understand what is required and how systems can/should be inplemented, what to avoid and what can be achieved. So it’s been a very invalueable process for him and the small coding “team”  working on it.

So where do I come in?

Well, when i heard of the project i naturally wanted to get invovled, especially since i owe so much of what i know today due to 3dbuzz, plus it sounds like a really cool project and in terms of collaboration i know that the tech will be taken care of. (So many of these games projects either have one or the other in terms of staff…..programmers or artists )  but also one of the main motives for joining in is i  wanted to do something i have never done before…..Concept Art & Texturing!!!!

So in terms of my roles, i will be doing concept Art (mainly characters, im still learning to do enviroments), Modelling (its low poly so it’s almost a non-issue/role) and texture painting (which will probably be all hand painting.

I wrote this over a month ago….

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