Well that didn’t last long did it?

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So as you can see im back sooner than i thought. And with a new layout.

I’ve wanted to change the theme of this place for a while and this is the only one that i liked that also formatted most of the previous content correctly. There are still some posts that need editing, thankfully i dont post that often so i will get on that a soon as i can.

But as you can see here is some recent work for you to check out , and presented in a new way.

These are a little old, the current versions of these models are improved but im working hard to get them into a scene and rendered. Don’t know if i should wait for Houdini 11, since i hear it has improved fur tools and SSS materials whh really has me jazzed.  If i complete the models before then,  at the very least i will set them up for the new version of Houd.

Plus also check out cgroundup.com for some new episodes and interviews. Two weeks ago i released a chat with Jason Clark talking about CAD and the Vancover Film School and coming soon is a two part episode with Danny Williams, former modeller at Blue Sky for over 10 years and now working at Arena.net on Guildwars II. So some good stuff on the way.

Jut seen inception, will talk more about it in the next post. What a film. talked about layered.

Well that didn’t last long did it?

5 thoughts on “Well that didn’t last long did it?

    1. Cheers mate, yeah that i had been working more on that Virgil model than Dante (guy wearing red) and the skinny guy with the big cheek bones. They are all part of the same scene so i am pushing to finish that.

      Marsyas (dude with the hair) he is a scene on his own, love working on him. Testing my sculpting skills. 100% asymmetrical modelling.

      I will be sure to post more work. And hopefully very soon.

      And as for the theme, yeah i needed to brighten the place up… just a little 😛

      Cool to see you here, looking forward to more screens of Guildwars 2.


      1. louis tribault says:

        I’m just a random visitor but i’m glad you’re back, love your stuff and your articles. Keep them coming 😉

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