Quick video for ya

Hey guys and gals,

It’s been a little while been a while. But not that long. 🙂

Anyway i made a quick video tip today for the folks over at cgPipeline. Its just a tip on how to simulate smooth shaded polys in ZBrush. Something that Mudbox and 3d coat users have been able to take advantage of for the past 4… maybe 5 years.

See the model in the video? Remember the last post? Said i was gonna model Hitchcock. Well i did. The model it’s finished just yet (for the contest it is, which has still yet to be judged). I want to fix a few things… the eyes at the very least, but i will return to it as soon as a few other projects are complete.

By the way I also recorded the entire project which is currently being edited and dubbed. Im thinking it will be around an hour long…. for free of course. 🙂

Anyway, there is other stuff i have been working on that you will get to see over this coming week (hopefully).

Until then.

Keep modelling.


Quick video for ya

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