carpet modeling

I feel like I have turned a corner in terms of modeling. Don’t know what it is but not only can I not stop but its some of the best Iv’e stuff done. The most important thing is this isnt me burning the candle at both ends. It’s the results of good rest and patience (I have a rant about workaholics later in the post).

So now for the work.

This little woman was something I started a 2 weeks ago. Lucky for you I have been recording the entire process and plan to release the series totally free. Just because… umm.. don’t know why… guess i would have liked someone to do the same for me when i was learning.

This next batch are all part of a scene im putting together. Cant wait to assemble and light it. Ive only spent a few nights on this head. SSS test was done in Houdini. Just to get the shader working.

All this the work presented in this post is riddled with eorros/mistakes and in some areas total neglect, including this last image which is very hard to release it but hey. Who cares, its gonna be corrected.

So there we have it. And more is on the way.

In terms of the script i wrote, even though constraints are really tight, I don’t think it would be good for it to be my first short film. One, I don’t know if the prefix ‘short’ is accurate and two, i would like something smaller, shorter to try my hand at before I go balls deep into this thing. Plus the story is very ‘close’ to me without sounding cheesy and want to do make sure i can do it right as opposed to right now.

3D BuZZ Contest

And even though i haven’t finished any of these… yet. I am still doing the ‘show’ and ive also entered a contest over at 3DBuZZ. Can you guess who im making :). If i win i get Jason Ospia Stop Staring. Which would be awesome because facial rigging is something i would love to learn.

thing is though they wont nessasarily give it the best entry. I would feel bad if i modelled the best entry and someone else with a lesser entry won. You can tell when someone shows potential over time but for a competition, I could ‘dumb-down’ my entry so it show enough potential to win. And i’ve seen some beginners say “it must be easy being good” (they weren’t saying this to me ), but i would think it isn’t. I have spent ridiculous hours to get to this point and it still isn’t easy.

Either way i will model my entry but if im disqualified i will take a little longer. btw i will be recording this model also.

One last thing.

Can i just say something about workaholics.

Personally people who call themselves workaholics should be shot (not literally :)) but they should have a good talking to.

They may save a few hours because they are a temporary power horse. But they burnout, lower moral and make more mistakes than someone who is well-rested.
One of the worse things they do is temporarily impress supervisors who then expect the same level of commintment from the rest of their team which in the end no one can live upto… even the person who started the trend.

If you rest, and pace yourself when the time comes to ‘crunch’ you will be more equipped and accurate than those punishing themselves in an effort to gain an extra pat on their head.

Anyway enough jibba-jabba.

edit:// i should really change that header image.

carpet modeling

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