Hey there thoughts you might like a little update

Haven’t been working on the “saving grace” model too much. So i missed the deadline for the 3dhub contest (but that wasn’t my main motivation anyway so…). In fact ive been spending most of my free time writing. I don’t feel like a writer but there were just too many ideas in my head (good or bad), that i had to purge. Its been really enjoyable and i think i’m on my way to actually make something. More on that later.

Did a few facial studies the other night. Might use them as test subjects to light.

Here are some older ones.

But like i said in the beginning ive been spending my time finishing the outline for my short film.

Its incredibly ambitious, even though the constraints i set myself were ridiculous.

The idea started almost a year ago today and i have been fleshing it out in my head from time to time. So letting it germinate there for a while has really proven if its a story i want to tell, because i keep coming back to it. Plus i’ve worked out a lot of problematic areas in that space between my ears already and just last week i was starting to outline the final sequence.

I’ve already rewritten it many times over the past 6 weeks and its much easier to remove, change things when its an outline of sequences rather than a script. Which i will probably begin sometime in the next few months. To be honest there isnt alot of dialogue but i need to do one anyway ad then comes the storyboards, pre-vis and designs stages.

Im stocked up on my pens and markers so no worry there. I cant wait to start working on it, i did a few thumbnails of the first sequence and had to stop myself. Maybe i might post a few here. Im thinking of doing an audio diary of the process just in case the film actually gets made, because right now i am taking the stance that it never will (that way its not so much of a disappointment :)).

On the topic of the Saving grace piece. I must say …..anatomy is getting harder all over again, since im modelling in-pose. For anyone out there reading, when it comes to personal work, always start from scratch. Don’t care if its an extra week you would rather not waste. Working from a low poly base, you will not only get more comfortable and have to rely less on reference but you will also get faster which probably works out to the same amount of tie saved.

But anyway, theres the update, back soon.


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