Saving Beauty

Bet you didnt expect to see me post soo soon. Well lets hope to make this a regular thing.

So in an effort to better my skills i have entered a contest, although it isnt really a big thing. I basically a workshop with a prize at the end for the best. Anyway, i thought it would be good to document the process, in more ways than one.

My idea based around the theme: Beauty, was simply just a woman in a pose. I did a sketch was were all based on reference (so i just really testng my 2d skills, which need alot of work).

From those poses i liked the look of the 3rd one. Its more complex than the other two and just appealed to me.


Change of Mind

Either way i decided not to go with this idea and instead opted for another subject, one that is not only more ambitious but also more fitting with the theme of the contest.

The reference is from the movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice” (the original 1946 version). I just love this image and i also have an idea for alternate environment than the one pictured, but i think im gonna stick to models first because there is a lot going on there.

The session ends on 29 of December, i will pop in and make a few update posts but i am also recording my process and plan to do a series of narrated timelapses.

See ya soon.


Saving Beauty

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