Hey im back…… so what!

Hey guys, well there it is. Im back, after almost half a year. It is still surprising though that people still manage to find their way here.

Anyway, because of the show (cgRoundup) and with my previous setup, it was always hard to do work and subsequentally post about it. But the winds have changed and i now have the means to put what is in my mind into 3d and therefore into this blog.

So, whats first. Well remember that model a few posts down. I was in the process of finishing that off. But recently i thought it would be good for me to enter one of the 3d Jams at cghub.com . After i will finish it off and then start another model along with working on the bee project. I gave Houdini fur a test run with the new comp and i must say i was pleasantly surprised at the speed of manipulation. And that was the main reason the bee project died out, it was just way too slow to work with.

So here is an update of the athena model. Its part of a bigger scene. But that will come later. Right now the model still isn’t finished, but here it is in its current state (you know im saying that because im not happy with it 😦 ).

Along with closeups of the face (which im also not happy with :().

Thank you for the comments in the break, though they were few, they kept me striving to get back on track.

Hey im back…… so what!

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