A new cg podcast!

Hello people,

For years i have wanted to be involved in some sort of CG podcast. I and a few others started on that goal a year ago but it kinda fell apart.

But here we are, with the launch of CG Roundup.

CG Roundup is a cg podcast aimed at users and participants of the cg community. We are not looking to gloss over topics, we are looking to please people but we aren’t looking to upset either. We just want to have an honest and frank chat on news stories and topics that are we feel are important or current.

I could write more about this and that, but judge for yourself.

More later


A new cg podcast!

4 thoughts on “A new cg podcast!

  1. Hey there Eugene,

    Well, for future episodes i will be looking to find other people to bring into the fray. Be it as guest speakers or as part of an interview. They could be a one off or they could be a reoccurring element of the show. This all depends on if they are pretty good talking about CG, if they know enough to talk about a lot of different topics (we aren’t looking for experts or anything just that you know enough) and scheduling/time issues is something that i need to take into consideration.

    I want the show to be diverse but i also don’t want to detract what the show is initially. So there is a question of “is it good for the show”

    For at least the next 5 episodes i would like the show to just be what it is right now. It took a while to get it where it is. Even if it doesn’t seem that way.

    But like i said, i am looking for people who might be a good choice to have on the show. I have some in mind and im sure there are others i have yet to scope out. Im just window shopping at the moment.

    But funny enough, you are one of the people i think would be very good on the show.

    Ive heard your tutorials, which don’t fit the basic norm of tutorials and by that i mean you don’t put me to sleep :). And your audio equipment seems to be more than capable of maintaining a clear level of your voice so its good enough to record.

    So when the time comes to invite others to become a guest speaker or part of an interview i will be sure to let you know mate.

    Speak to ya later


  2. Thank you. 🙂

    A great show BTW. I loved hearing all about Wings development. Its by far my favorite modeling application and its so great to hear about its development from the horse’s mouth.

    Keep up the good work.

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