blast from the past!

Hey everyone, yet again its been a while. Actually in writing this post i have decided to re-think the way i construct these long awaited pieces of…

In the beginning when i made these posts i would set aside some time (usually a Saturday or Sunday) to think about the topic and bring the various pieces together. This would include recording videos, audio, gathering and editing pictures blah blah blah.

So the thought of writing a post is quite daunting. Now i will set aside time everyday almost to make these post so you can get them more frequently. Although the chances are it will increase post creation time, since its spread out over a few days.

Its seems now every post i write has to do with the frequency of updates. Im sorry but i feel the need to address this issue since i am getting more and more visitors every month even though im not doing anything to promote this thing.

I don’t post on forums alot now, except for odforce and the anatomy section of CGtalk (and then then, i think the last time was in January).

Ok, enough of that, whats cooking!

Like i said with the previous post, this one is dedicated to the modellers. Albeit isn’t on anatomy. (i will explain later)

First off, you might notice (unless you are using an RSS reader to view this blog), that on the right hand side of the screen there is an image showing what i am working on right now. I implemented this little feature the other day, not only for those who check back once in a while to see what i am actually upto but also something to look forward to in the next post.

Although i am going to dedicate seperate post to that image and its progression (very soon, in fact i am actually writing the post now šŸ™‚ ).

But untill then. I thought ai should compensate you guys with another video.

Another oldie but goodie

Again from the year 2006, recording on June 10 just before the England and Paraguy match in the World Cup i bring you a video i made in Wings3d, of an Ear.

This video, like the Angry Boy has been redubbed and recompressed for optimum quality.

I’m not sure how many people will benefit from this one though since practices has changed a little bit since then. This method of modelling is pretty much on the way out for high rez characters. Now i could sculpt an ear and retopologize it much faster.

But nevertheless i try to inject as much usefull information as possible.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For those of you on google reader on any other RSS reader that cant naively view vimeo videos here is the link

Timelapse Ear

and may i remind you guys and gals once again that you can download the source video if you register with Vimeo which is of course, free.

In other news

I have also uploaded the Angry boy video to Vimeo so those of you who currently reside outside the US and UK can also watch and download that video. I have also changed the original post that i uploaded that video so hopefully everyone will see it should they visit the blog on that particular post.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I have also been talking with two talented Houdini users, who heard my appeal for someone with some smarts in the area of Quaternions or other techniques that would help me complete that ball rig. One of whom is Eugene Rilley (aka Genome). You can check out his awesome website on the houdini/td/resources linkbar.

You might have also heard about the recent survey carried out by and that Houdini scored the highest when it came to Support of any kind. Yes, i am glossing over the fact that houdini didn’t win every catorgory which is to be expect. Although i think people should also be noting that in the “value for money” catorgory Houdini came a close second. Only being surpassed by a FREE piece of software known as Blender.

But overall Houdini scored higher than i think most would have anticipated. (including Houdini users)

and finally on the subject of awesome support.

I just want to give a HUGE shoutout to the crew at A few weeks ago i sent them an email about an issue i had with this blog since the beinging.

When you would click on a post to view comments, and therefore isolate a sepecific post, the post info post would be squashed to the right hand side of the page. This of course would indent the entire post and make it pretty much unreadable.

After sending them an email about the issue we exchanged setting and possible solutions and if you havent already noticed, click on the title of the post. FIXED!

amazing. I hadn’t emailed these guys because i thought the issue would have been already reported. since the number of users of wordpress grows by the millions every month, let alone the amount of people who have this theme installed is probably over 100,000. I had even seen users on the wordpress forums bitching about this.

So here is the lesson. Stop bitching! or at least stop bitching with the wrong people and contact those who can make a difference, even if you think “oh I’m sure someone has already told them about this”.

Anways that is it for this post.

hope this wasn’t too long, but i take some pride in creating poorly scripted literature buried in pictures and other shiny things.

Next post?.. more on Athena.

blast from the past!

2 thoughts on “blast from the past!

  1. _S9_ says:

    Hi Andrew, i just watched all your 3d modeling videos on Vimeo, i especially found the Silo digital sculpting video interesting, it’s nice hearing you talk about these things, you definitely need knowledge of human and animal anatomy when doing digital sculpting, also liked the ear timelapse, even though it shows the traditional subdivision modeling approach (as opossed to the new digital sculpting techniques and software) i still believe you need to learn and be aware of this knowledge if you want to be a good 3d modeler. I often find myself going back and doing some oldschool hardcore poly modeling because it’s interesting and fun, with that said the new subdivision modeling workflow (sculpting basemesh ->retopology->normal map) is definitely faster.

  2. I’m still “Old School”. I struggle greatly with Zbrush. Not so much the sculpting part. Thats always amazing. But getting it to smoothly integrate into prductions is a massive pain. The added memory requirements, the fact that you can’t SEE the displaced surface position while your animating etc. All very frustrating. I try and use Zbrush when I can to stay up to date but most of the time I just try and avoid it and model those details in.

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