Torso Rigging

Hey oh,

Well its a new post, its a new year and the US has a new president.

But im sure most of you have been foaming at the mouth for another post from me. So what do i bring you today.

Well before i go into what i have been upto i thought i’d share with you a tip to reading this blog.

Recently i have discovered google reader (yeah i know im a bit behind the curve), and i have to say its awesome. From any location i can check if there have been updates on my favourite forums, websites and blogs without checking on them one by one.

So if you were one of those fools (like me) who would check websites everyday for updates, subscribe to this this blog and any other site that has an RSS feed.


Just like the previous post, rigging and Houdini is the focus. Dont worry modellers, next post is for you guys.
So with the continuation of translating the Animators Friendly Rigging for Houdini, i have jumped over the first of many many hurdles.

The IK torso rig.

Although this will be the first of many character rigging updates i wont be posting all of the minor milestones.

Just the ones that are interesting to look at and post about.

This is what ive done so far.

This video is an initial overview of the Torso Rig.

The second one goes more into the creation process with refinements to the torso along with early development of the Head and Neck setup.

For google reader users, here is the vimeo link.

Torso Rig

Revised Torso Rig with Head and Neck

There is not enough time to talk about what is going on (mainly with the torso rig), that i have decided to make it available for download.
You can get it over at over at odforce.

Odforce Post with Rig Attached

If you can improve on it, or have any tips to make it more efficient then please let me know. Leave a comment.

Next update will probably be on anatomy and how bloody difficult it is. πŸ™‚

Also, i still haven’t found anyone who can solve the ball rotation problem. Don’t know what im talking about. See the “Help!” post.

Until then, happy new year. (just in time for the next month :))

…and don’t forget to subscribe.


Torso Rigging

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