Heads up. Im taking a break for a little while.

Hey there blog addicts.

Sorry to have left you for quite a while. (over 30 days)

Anyways as you know im taking a break. I was actually gonna just take the break and not tell ya but i know if i was reading a blog i liked and they took a break without telling me i would be pissed.

So, is there a reason… no, i just felt like it……. of course there is a reason, many in fact, one credible excuse is another thing im working on that looks set to be finaled and when it is i will post a short blog entry about it.

Project-wise though, what am i upto? Well there are two main things. working on the Bee and Sculpting (anatomy).

You might notice i am trying to take my sculpting ability to the next level and so i have started a sort of mastercopy. But the method of creating it is heavily reliant on the knowledge i have gained while reading the Atlas of Human anatomy for the Artist. Although it is a pretty difficult project I am enjoying it throughly and while i am making it i will also be making smaller studies.

As for the Bee. I recently purchased Houdini Apprentice HD. And have been going through not only the Fur walkthrough that was posted a few days ago but also some SOP and CHOPS stuff. I might also be making some pre-vis in the interim for the animation i have planned for the shot.

But I have alot of things i am trying to do at once and so from time to time i really have to dedicate all my energy into one thing, so for the moment i wan to get this study finished and then i will devote some time to the Bee project and other aspects of Houdini (you will probably see a lot of small projects/experiments/concepts).

But the other thing that has been taking up my time has yet to be revealed. I don’t want to build it up or anything but i think it is quite “special” in its own way. It will be coming out this month (i hope) and it should be something that the rest of you enjoy.

so until the model and this new “thing” comes out.

Keep well.

oh and happy thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it.


Heads up. Im taking a break for a little while.

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