Re-dubbed, Re-edited, Revitalized!!!

Hey guys,

First off, i think its time for me to stop wondering if people are reading/viewing this blog. This week was particularly good in terms of views and i dont think that 1,800 are just random hits (although one could argue that). I have the feeling some of you check back here quite often so here is something i have spent time to “re-produce” just for you guys.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you listen to the video it will explains its origins, im not going to waste valuable reading space.

I know i stutter and stumble my way through it (like Hugh Grant in some stupid movie) but I hope it is of a high standard and hopefully in the future i will re-re-release a downloadable version.

So for now, enjoy.

Next i will be making/documenting a more valiant effort at anatomy modelling. The last attempt which you can view down the blog was pretty poor. So i have my subjects and i am ready to go. I have at least 5 models i want to do but it might take a while and become a little monotonous so i will post/recompile some of my old posts from a previous blog into this one. they had tips and tricks and just various modelling perspectives that i thought people would enjoy reading.


Dont worry. Next post.


Re-dubbed, Re-edited, Revitalized!!!

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