Link dump!

Hey guys,

Sorry things got by me, no model update …. this morning, but I will try my hardest to get it up later tonight as its 1:31am.

So why am i posting.

Well considering i am venturing down a different avenue of 3D, i would imagine this blog would attract a different crowd of people.

So ive added a new catagories to the links sections. Houdniks / Technical Artists / Resources

I have had these links bookmarked for ages but never to round to putting them up. They are decent sites and i have sifted out alot of dead links. I never realized how many i had and how useful and resourceful they are.

This site is now my homepage because it has so many good links now that would take a way to locate in a bookmark folder.

Also taking about the site, i think it might be time to actual have a REAL site, with no restrictions, complete freedom. I will transfer all of the info from here to the new site, no need to worry. In fact talking of that i had another blog that had a few decent posts that i have yet to transfer, so look for a few posts in this month.

I think i am gonna continue this for a few more months and if i am still into this blogging stuff, then why not.

You will not only get the pic but i have a few other things planned.

So im looking forward to it, hopefully I will feel the same 2-3 months from now.

See ya soon


oh and check out some of the new links. Not only in the new sections but the others too.

Link dump!

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