Lets get back into the swing of things

Hey guys,

Well i have some more developments on a few pieces. This is a continuation of a piece i worked on one night (posted below) and now i am in the process of finishing it off.

The original was done by Mark Newman (great sculptor).

Edgar Allan Poe

I tell ya what, right now im going through a weird period. With all this practicing and trying to become a better modeller its getting harder to chose what pieces to work on. I love production art but i also love the anatomical stuff. Guess i have to find a way to do both.

Plus im trying to grow my skills and right now im almost exclusive to Houdini. It has everything now, Hair/Fur, SSS, good rendering tools, Animation, Rigging, Cloth dynamics. Everything a character artist needs. Also this weekend Robert Magee (Production Specialist) Release a new beta of Houdini which included Fur documentation.

So ive been playing with that. (i will make a post later with a bunch of tests.)

So finding time to model more challenging yet appealing subjects and learning Houdini is hard. But not as hard as some have.

so hope you enjoy this latest post. February was a pretty slow month so im gonna try and pick it up a bit. You should be glad i have log stats to tell me how many people visit this place, if i went by the comments on the site (total of 0 :)) i would probably give up hehe.


Lets get back into the swing of things

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