Such a grey and lumpy world

Hello again,

Well some more stuff on anatomy since I didnt get a chance last time to tell you about this model, why not start now.
So ive been thinking about all the models I have created and funny enough, body models were quite low, I dont know how many faces I can do now with my eyes close although it still really helps with reference (see posts below with the shite yellow sculpt and the not so bad mouth above it) .

I wanted to make a female body, in a pretty health state. I didnt want to be bogged down with poly modelling, I just wanted to get stuck in, so I loaded a front & side image plane of a woman extruded a box till I got the general shape and then brought that into zbrush.

I havent used image planes since i was first learning modelling but it seems that was the best place to use it.

So here it is, there are so many problems with it, I leave you to find them. Just another step in the process.

It seems like its an easy task as you dont have to make enormous shape changes but thats where the difficulty lies, subtlety, you can effortlessly go off track.

I think the worse thing about anatomy modelling is that if its done right, it shouldnt look amazing or spectacular, it should look like a mold made from someones body.

hehe, that would be a good excuse for me to say “My work is the best because none of you have notcied it. ” And really you shouldnt if i was to put it alongside another cast say in a creature workshop or in a forensic lab.

When this is done I will probably use the same base to create a male version.
Oh wait I almost forgot, i have done a bit of anaotmy modelling, only a bit. Here is a screenie from the soon to be finished black widow and prey scene. I will show you wires and making of’s later down the road when im back to working on it but nevertheless I still think it counts.

Untill then, see you all soon

Such a grey and lumpy world

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