hey guys,

phew , made the minimum one post a week deadline, hoping to make more this week.

Im still working on the Female Anatomy and a few other pieces.

Plus look for some updates on the SSS in houdini situation (let me say that shader that Serg wrote, works and its awesome so i hope to put some renders out soon) .

I notice the big thing (in modelling) these days is:

  • Replicate a painting in 3d
  • Make a thread titled “<insert name> Sketchbook” which contains mostly heads
  • Focusing more on monsters/fantasy rather than the human form

But never have i seen on many forums the other areas that people dont flock towards.

If you start as a modeller then you might expect them to also try their hand in Texturing , and should that go well then rigging might be a good option or lighting.

Some may disagree here but i think a really good artist has more than one skill making the pipeline less cumbersome.

So here is a pic of something that i was working on, i will divulge later on the details but for now, that’s it. Also there is some multimedia content that might be coming your way soon, but cant speak on that.

Post soon.

oh and i will fix some of the posts that have been cut off. Some issue with wordpress or something.


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