Rant 1#

Hey people….

Im gonna sound like another bunch of whining bitches on a thousand other blog but what the fuck who cares right.

Oh and yep i did curse, which is something i try not to do when angry which is pretty easy since i dont get that angry most of the time but urghhhhhhh.

ok so its Friday, not feeling great, flu is going around surprise suprise…. it is January, so for 4 fucking hours i spent every ounce of energy i have into getting Houdini to spit out an SSS render of Bolthead. I love this package, I think its way ahead of its competition and now with HD they will get more and more attention in the spotlight, which they deserve and i hope they get more money and in turn more staff. Either to help with the Help files, since all the SSS shaders dont have any help notes for them or someone to do tutorials full time, because if anything houdini is known for being hard to learn and thats what turns most people off.

Anyways i just deleted a whole bunch of text because im getting pissed writing about it. So anyways after 4 hours of nothing but waiting and doing nothing, i decide my prescription for treating this meltdown is some Gears of War on the 360

You already know where this is going…..

Click Here

You mother****** ….arghhhhhhhhhhh

*One little piece of good news i guess is some guy has posted an SSS shader on sidefx exchange.. so

But this was friday and today is Mo… Tuesday its 1:42am, so i should be getting some shut eye.

oh and sorry for the language but its necessary. (well maybe not, but i cant articulate my fustration ny other way)


Rant 1#

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