Earth made another rotation around the sun…. woo hoo

Hey guys,

Its funny that we celebrate a planet revolving around the sun. I guess its as good enough reason to party as any. But if we celebrate this planet making one revolution around the sun, why dont we have the same for any other planet?

Can you imagine how many sick days people would take. hehe.

Although for alot of planets it takes more than an earth year to make a trip around the sun so its not like its gonna be a party a week.

Hope this rotation is as good or better than the last one. (wow thats a geeky way of putting it)

Anyways you probably want to see more images, so here is a sketch, one in Silo 2 and the other in Zbrush. I think i feel lot more comfortable in Z.

The image below is much more rooted in realism/anatomy (i had some reference basically 🙂 ).  I obviously havent finished it and maybe i never will but im thinking of doing a whole bunch of funny expressions just based on how this piece turned out.

Ok so this is just some random “thing” that was pulled from my brain, just fly by the grip of my wacom pen. (Which means i didnt really think about it)

To be honest, i dont really like it. But i thought i should put it up anyways just to show you that i can be really crap if i want to be 🙂 (having not made any 2d sketches or any reference, its still pretty hard)

So in terms of other projects, im working on a few sculpts, one in particular is a most anatomical model ive ever done so, we shall see how that goes.

Until then, keep sculpting… whatever


Earth made another rotation around the sun…. woo hoo

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