Texturing, First textured model ever


I should be taking advantage of the break i have at the moment. So like i said here is the update.

So like the title explains this is the first step i have made in character texturing. I made a feeble attempt about 3 years ago and since then its been modelling all the way.

Without making excuses, there are alot of areas that need cleaned up, seams, colouration (thats the english way of spellling it i think) etc, the ear needs to be started let alone finished.

So here it is.

This is the way i went about texturing it:

  • Copied the finaled .ZTL file (finshed sculpting)
  • Once in the tool, bring it to the highest level (which is the highest my current system can afford, 2.5mill…. please dont laugh)
  • Subdivde 1 to 3 more times, with HD Geoemetry
  • Using ZappLink and Poly Painting project views of people onto the model
  • Once the pixels and been picked up and applied to the model, with a blank 4k texture transfer the painted polys to the texture.

I only did the last step when i had 80% of the model covered. I knew the rest of the model would be pretty easy to take care of since i created the UV’s in a very readable fashion, so the rest could be done in photoshop.

And for those of you wondering what the model looks like without the texture, here is a render from Maya (sorry for the forehead area, need to do some tweaking obviously) , i think he has alot of character and there is still the bolts and hair to be added.

Texturing, First textured model ever

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