“Bolthead” Finaled Base


Well this is a piece i worked on last year, it is loosely based off a sketch by Andrew Ley. I recorded a part of the base mesh creation of which some of you might have seen, but it need to be re-encoded and new commentary (since the audio quality and lets face it. content was crap, i now have a new mic and a whole bunch of collected thoughts to go along with the videos 🙂 )

Well i came back to it earlier this year (sculpting) and then re-abandoned it, and now ive come back (texturing). Which will be in the next post.

Done in Wings3d.

This post was made at 3:22am so i will get some sleep and tommorrow i will post how far i have got with the texturing.

Untill then.

“Bolthead” Finaled Base

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