Testing and some work…

Hey guys,

so after testing a few things out and customizing the site I’ve just added a bunch of links on the right hand site. That sounds like I didnt put much effort into compiling that list but it really is a decent list of Artists, Forums, Websites etc. Most of these you will probably be familiar with and some might just be a welcome discovery, so please give some of them a look.

Besides that do I actually have a reason to post? well kinda.

As part of my edited opening statement, here is one of my models.

This is Maxi Jazz, the lead frontman from the dance band Faithless. I modelled him a while ago,you might think out of various celebrities why on earth would I model him, well its simple, I thought he had an interesting face.

There are a ton of steps to get this result and in future posts I guess with many of the other models that I will post here you will find out how I created him.

There are quite a few areas that need tweaking but for now its time up. There is a body, but it has yet to be sculpted and when the time comes I will adjust the few areas of the face im not so keen on.

so “Stay Tuned!!”

Testing and some work…

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