The ubiquitous Hello World!

Hello everyone, well…… I guess this is the point where i can say welcome to the first post on the blog.  I have a few ideas and plans to make this blog somewhat fresh and exciting but chances are it will be like the millions of others, i guess i will do my best.

I will at the few least try to make a new post once a week, and if that’s so, it will be a considerably packed post, but i want to get into the rhythm of making regular little posts, but since life has a habit of getting in the way… blah blah blah excuses excuses…..

I made a blog last year that started off well but i didn’t like the look of the site and it was hard to manage, so hopefully for the new year this will be a better alternative.

Anyway hope everyone had a good holiday period, and look forward to making some posts.


The ubiquitous Hello World!

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