Happy New Year!!!


Hey guys, Happy New Year!!!

Yea that’s me!

I have not been keeping up this blog for a while now. The whole blog format is difficult for one who is learning in the world of 3d. So i am retiring the blog.

However I have created a new site.

One to showcase my work and my experiments.


I do have a blog section, but it’s strictly all media based. I wont put anything up that isn’t an image or animation (ie a model or animation). The last opinion you need to hear is mine.

So if you have somehow found you way here,  go there and have a look at what’s going on. Because this will be the last post to grace this page.

See ya there.



Happy New Year!!!

New Wip & Tumblr


First off, if you want frequent-ish updates with no thought’s just images I have a tumblr account. Again it’s all images and no words if you are into that thing (I kinda like it).


So I have finally gotten around to working on that Dwarf character. I remember blocking it out in 2010. I have a habit of bringing old models back. Maybe I can’t stand folders of unfinished projects.

Here is what i have done so far. Mainly finish the design sculpt, retopology and UV’s. (Yes i will be doing a detailed breakdown later). I’m loving the new Hair shader that SideFX have not mentioned in their press release.

Next up is fine pore detailing, textures, clothes, eye’s, teeth and then onto rigging. I’m looking to take advantage of Houdini 14’s lovely speedy viewport.

I’m currently working on a custom blendshape deformer and a procedural eye asset.

Also I will be reorganizing a few things (mainly old posts/categorizing etc), I have changed much of the aesthetic of the blog and hope it is fast to load on all devices and easy to read.

Take care

New Wip & Tumblr

More Renders

Here is the final pose/scene of the Homeless character. I will shortly be rendering a video showing a breakdown. Though some of my custom assets within the shader are broken so i have to rebuild it. Oh well, thats how things go.

PBR SKin Shader

And these are some tests i did for Dany Bittel for his new PBR Skin shader. I think i will render the entire character with the shader. Check it out here. http://www.orbolt.com/asset/_danylyon::PBR_skin

More Renders

Weekly Update 10

So it’ been awhile. Almost a month.

My last post had a treat enclosed, this one however has a more of a sour note for those who follow this blog. Although that isn’t many, everyone counts. I have decided to cut down on the amount of posts I make as you can already tell. It was a good experiment to do weekly updates (3 months was a good run) but I either became a slave to them and I was going to be reaching that point of quantity over quality. So from here on in, no more weekly updates. Just updates when it feels right with the right amount of content. At the very least Iwill try to keep it at one post a month but even I feel that might be a bit low so we will see how it goes from here on in, no more set deadlines for sure.

Final (Low Rez) Renders


The difference with this beard from the old one is it is control via custom sculpted guide curves (around 500). Not only is it easier to sculpt but also when it dealing with to penetrations. The curves were sculpted in Blender.

Render times kept to a minimum with the shadow volume technique that i described in my tutorial. The body hair, is pure PBR with no volume based shadows.


These pics are low rez but i am currently rendering HD turntables and camera moves, posing. Also i have been uploading all work-in-progress pictures of this character to my Google account so if you would like to view those images in the future you can do so from one place soon. It includes all images featured in the blog along with some others that have not been published.


Tutorials Response with Q/A

After the tutorial i posted i was very surprised at the response. I hope everyone who watched it gained something from it. I have decided to respond to the questions in this post, continue if you would like to see the questions and answers.

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Weekly Update 10

Weekly Update 09

So it’s a little late i admit, but i have a treat for you.

So the past week has been interesting to say the least. Many XSI/SI users are looking for a new home. It seems Houdini looks like a viable choice for many and not only are the odforce and SESI forums more active (although they already were to be honest), there has been a vocal response from a few SESI employees stating they want to help not just by setting up a forum but also in the package. Encouraging discussion on how to improve Houdini.

Not only that, but Houdini users are also welcoming this new crowd and doing their best to help them  with the transition. I have even decided to join in that effort.

A user on od|force was asking how would one go about connecting guide curves into the Fur module in Houdini. I responded with this video.

Continue to see a the breakdown of chapters.

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Weekly Update 09

Softimage XSI is no more!

Hiyo kids,

My weekly update is done but i will postpone it to post a bit of news that some have been expecting for some time. XSI is no more. I can’t say Im surprised as are XSI users but the reason i am posting this is not because i am a user but because it was a really important piece of software in the industry.

Earlier in the year of the acquisition Softimage announced ICE. An architecture that has completely changed the way SI was perceived and  used.

Anyway im sure users more familiar with the software and the dealings will speak of it on forums/twitter/blogs etc but here is a little piece of history i thought you might like.

This is the moment right after Autodesk acquired Softimage, in a talk with Marc Petit and Marc Stevens.


Softimage XSI is no more!

Weekly Update 08

It’s Monday, rise and shine!

Something’s different…

So as you have probably noticed, things are a little different. There is nothing more i like than clean simple design but the white background of the site would burn into the back of my retinas when i would review a post or make a change. Hopefully you will welcome the change.

Speaking of change, i decided to go through the links section of the blog (on the right hand side). I have removed, edited all links now so check them out, there is a lot of good stuff there.

Wrapping up

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Weekly Update 08